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Golden Sands Resort & Spa Malta We’ve all heard about Vacation Ownership or Timeshare but what do we really know about it? Most people are afraid of it too but this is just the consequence of certain salespersons who only look at the selling aspect of it and not the real benefits! With our expertise, we’re hoping you’ll see the real pros and cons of such ownership and the best way to make good use of it, whether you’re the owner or just a normal traveler who wishes to make use of this and stay in a luxury accommodation at a fraction of the price!

Life today is very hectic and we are in fact even losing the core values of it, and the meaning of having a family! Having said that, a good percentage of us, especially those who have their own family, are figuring this out and are doing their best to make sure they, at least once a year, go for a holiday together! Problem is then the budget. It’s surely not cheap to take all the family on a trip, cause of the costs of the flights & accommodation and this is where vacation ownership will begin to make sense!

Golden Sands Heavenly Suite Unit MaltaOwning a Vacation Ownership is the guarantee of a reasonable priced vacation, for yourself and your family, in the desired standard of accommodation! For those who can’t afford spending a certain amount of money every year to make a dream come true, this is the closest you can get to eventually make this dream come true! Since you’ll be sharing the ownership of this luxury room / apartment with others, then you just have to pay a fraction of the price!

Units are sold on a weekly basis! So, if you’re interested in buying one, then the first thing to decide would be the number of weeks, per year, you intend to go on holiday for.

Now, let’s quickly point out the benefits of owning the so-called Holiday / Vacation Ownership, and as some still know it, Timeshare!

  • Kempinski San Lawrenz GozoGuaranteed Price for the agreed amount of years
  • Luxury at a price you never imagined!
  • Possibility to use your week in other resorts too, some even around the globe
  • Through the same membership, one can make use of the special discounted rates on flights, rental cars and other services contracted by the mother company
  • If you won’t use your week, for a reason or another, in a particular year, one can either bank it or rent it out!

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